I Got A Million Views On Pornhub In December

And I didn’t even take my clothes off

Photo by panitan punpuang on Unsplash

From March to November I made it to a shocking 200k views

For a couple months I dabbled in this field, but honestly didn’t take it serious. I should have because I had all the numbers and could see all the videos that have millions of views — but my test balloons weren’t really killing it and the whole thing consumed too much time for my liking.

Then in December I finally figured out an efficient workflow and started uploading videos more often

The thing about this side gig is that many people who do it sink an awful lot of time into it in a weird hunt for perfection in an imperfect occupation.

Doing the math

From my experiments you can expect a pretty stable 40–50 cents per 1k views (or in regular terms: .4-.5 cpm) which is about half of what regular YouTube pays most uploaders.

Passive income is great fun while it lasts

Just from the start of the month until now I made 500$ with very little effort, almost the equivalent of filming yourself with a camera in your car for five minutes and spending maybe an hour for editing and uploading.

Summary: One should not ignore the potential of the dark Youtube

I would probably not have made the jump if not for a friend of mine who makes a fair amount of side cash in the 20-50 dollar range per day doing Pornhub “the regular way" .

Programmer by day, creative writer by night. Find me at https://codingtofreedom.com

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