Here’s who I am, what I’m about and what I’m about to do these next twelve months

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Hello, this is me, keypressingmonkey. Nice to meet you here in this my tiny corner of the interwebs.

Who I am

I am a programmer by day, creative writer by night and an avid outdoorsman and craftsman on the weekends.

That means that I will spend the good days outside, running a YouTube channel about magnet fishing and scrap art and when the weather is bad or the sun won’t shine I sit at a desk writing or coding.

My Most Popular Articles

What I’m working on in 2021

The second half of 2020 was a pretty good few months for me personally with a new job, growing side income and plenty of…

An important guide to coder-fashion

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Many a guide has been written about how to learn coding, how to survive as a junior developer and how to progress into senior developer territory — but no one ever talks about the single-most crucial piece of IT office attire. A suit doesn’t make the man, his stickers do.

The Monk

It’s a small choice with big effect.

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About a year ago all of Germany started riding small, 125cc motorcycles after a (long overdue) law change made it possible and affordable for owners of a car license to hop in the saddle and take off.

So did I, having a great time all year and frankly it’s just the most fun way of breezing around and I love it. What I don’t love is the wind noise in the helmet, that will eventually kill your hearing and even if not it’s plain annoying. So that’s why I “invested” in a box of hearing protection in the first place…

How I slowly grew stronger by learning to use my body whenever it allowed

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Growing up, I battled asthma and hay fever — both seasonal and results of dust allergies. I know two days ahead when a storm is coming because I can’t breathe without the help of an inhaler. Cold air in winter makes me suffer for an hour after I go hard at anything, like cycling up a hill or attempting to jog.

And yet, somehow, I managed to grow strong enough to hold my own these days. I can cycle for hours, fast even — I jog or at least walk fast anywhere I can. …

A guy who made the most out of a flawed system.

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I wish everyone the experience of a teacher as good as my tenth grade English teacher. I am mostly disillusioned by the state of school life here in Germany apart from my final three years at an economics-focused school that remedied a lot of that.

But even there the vast majority of lessons were boring, inconsequential, the teachers completely unmotivated save for two or three exceptions.

And they all had nothing on the English teacher to whom I attribute like a third of everything useful I ever learned in school.

He Taught Because He Wanted To, Not Because He Needed the Money

I will say that obviously this is not the default…

Natural Language Processing

We are moments away from a “make novel” button.

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I recently got granted access to the beta of GPT-3, and much like anyone else, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with what it can do.

I am most interested in its capabilities for creative writing purposes. My own fiction always seems to fall short on the word count, and so I am thinking about a tool that can expand place and landscape descriptions.

While I plan that out further, I have spent some time just letting it roam wild and generating full stories. There is one excerpt in particular that has stunned me, and I want to share it with you…

Fixing bugs in a blackbox is incredibly fun once it works

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Today I thought about one of my favourite “programming legends” that may well be an urban myth — and my own version of a blackbox system that needed debugging.

The urban myth is that radioactive train carts from Ukraine caused bugs on a computer system, you can read about it here.

Understanding a blackbox system and what they are in modern life

A blackbox is a common concept in programming that assumes you stand on the outside of a system or even just a component where you do not have direct access to the code. This can come from several different factors:

  • You are using third party software and they simply…

Playing with fire is exhilarating and dangerous

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I have two more days on my current job and I already know I’ll be missing it as much as I can’t wait to get out. Why? Simple, because it is unlikely that I’ll ever have this kind of personal freedom and hectic, end-to-end responsibility for a system again. It’s a dinosaur concept that is rightfully getting phased out in the tech world at large.

It is also unlikely that I’ll be working on a system that requires constant bugfixes in the production environment. …

Success can’t be replicated on demand but you can build the structure and lay the foundation

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I have had some good posts in my eight months on medium — and plenty that went nowhere, as things should be.

I had some that went viral and died, others that still earn a couple bucks per day today. I have used them as portfolio pieces that just netted me my first freelance writing gig.

And I have written them all according to a simple formula that I want to share with you today.

They were all about programming

I have tried other fields of writing here on Medium — and continue to as with this article — but I have not yet found…

Save hours of time simply by not wasting them

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The days when I write just a thousand words are rare, they are my down-days of relaxed scribbling rather than focused writing. Most of these words end up published in some way, either here on Medium, in short stories, in writing experiments or long-form reddit posts.

Type fast and often

No way around it: The more you write the easier it gets. I also type faster than most, courtesy of years of practice and also my programming job.

It’s worth noting that a thousand words takes under an hour to type if everything is lined up right where you just sit down and type.


Programmer by day, creative writer by night. Find me at

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